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QldHockey.info (QHi) is a privately owned and operated Website. It was conceived and constructed with those who aren't at the State Championships and Tournaments in mind. It's for players' families, Club and Association officials and hockey supporters in general.

During Tournaments the scores will always depend upon the efforts of volunteers. Please feel free to thank them via our ' Tell Us ' guestbook.

Some things that visitors to the site can do are:

  • Please be sure to let your friends and family know how to find this site!
  • Why not ask your Association to include a link on its Website?
  • Why not volunteer to post scores from the host venue? You only require onsite access to the Internet to post them yourself or be willing to email or SMS results to QHi. Contact QHi .

Finally, while every attempt will be made to keep the details posted on this site accurate and up to date, players and officials attending Tournaments should not rely on this site for their information. Players and officials should at all times use the information supplied to them at the Tournament by the Tournament Officials.


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