Welcome Messages
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CEO’s Welcome
Louisa Begley

Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to the 5th Poligras Super League event. The three-day event promises to deliver a fiercely competitive, fast and furious display of hockey played in amongst a number of showcase activities.

We again acknowledge our high performing players, coaches and officials at the Award evening on Friday night followed by a show of appreciation to the many volunteers whose involvement in our sport enables us to flourish, grow and continue to succeed on every level.

I would like to thank Poligras for their continued support and sponsorship of this event and of Hockey Queensland. I would also like to acknowledge all our sponsors and partners who each play a key role in ensuring the sport of hockey remains a relevant and contemporary commodity in Queensland.



Thank you to all who have been involved in the organization and running of Super League. Whether you are a player, spectator, or volunteer – everyone here at Hockey Queensland hopes you enjoy the
three days of high-quality hockey.

Look out for the demonstration activities out on Field 1 during the lunch break on Saturday – there could be a future Olympic Hockey Player in our midst, just starting on their journey!

Louisa Begley




President’s Welcome
Steve Stewart

President—Hockey Queensland

Welcome everyone to Super League 2016, where we will see the best players in Queensland in a fierce, fast and furious statewide competition giving players an opportunity to display their skills and
competitive edge.

Super League continues to develop as an event which not only allows us to showcase hockey but also provides a platform to celebrate our sport and recognise the contributions that have been made by players, coaches, managers, umpires, technical officials and volunteers.

I would like to thank all of those people who have worked hard in the lead-up to Super League to make it the event it is and to those who will be assisting during the event to ensure everyone enjoys the experience.



To the players I ask that in this Olympic year you give thought to the honour of representing your zone as it is something to be desired and cherished when attained. I encourage all of you to compete to the best of your ability remembering Olympism seeks to create a way of life based on the joy of effort, the educational value of good example, social responsibility and respect for universal fundamental ethical principles.

Once again welcome,

Steve Stewart