Points Tables Div 2 C & D - U13B
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Note: Please accept our apologies for the delay in publishing these Points Tables. We had to confirm the method by which the goals for (GF) and goals against (GA) were carried forward (CF) from Pools A and B to Pools C and D.

Note: The Pool D final points and positions need to be checked. Our Pool D final positions do not agree with those of the Tournament Officials. It is likely that one or more incorrect scores have been entered for the Round Robin matches of Division 2. At the earliest opportunity we will check through all of the Division 2 results.  Kim

Division 2

New Pools = New Round Robins!

Following the completion of the Under 13 Boys' initial Round Robins in Pools A and B - see Pts Tables Div 2 A&B - a Round Robin is then be played within each of the new Pools - C and D.

The final positions in Pool C will determine the teams playing Finals for Division 2 positions 1 to 4. (Matches 69 & 76)

The final positions in Pool D will classify its teams for Division 2 positions 5 to 10.

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