Under 15 Boys - 2018
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Assistance is always needed!

As always, if you are attending any of the State Championships and you would like to volunteer to post scores on this site then I'd be happy to hear from you. Please read the following which details all that is required of a QHi volunteer:

  1. Will be in attendance at the Championship;
  2. Has a Google (gmail) account;
  3. Can access the Internet while at the grounds via a laptop; tablet or even a suitable phone.

So if you or someone you know can help out in this way for any of the Championships then please consider calling me on 0409 873 916.

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Players and team officials are reminded that they should always refer to the official documentation, draws and results that are published at the Championship venue by the tournament officials.

The Results!

The results of this State Championship are being entered directly into QHi by Bernadette and Caitlin Gotting.

Why not let them know how they are doing by leaving a comment in the QHi Guestbook.

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