Points Table Div 2
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How To Read Points Tables

Always use the teams listed down the left-hand side of the table as your starting point. Then move across to the match result box that lines up with the opposition team listed across the top of the table. The numbers inside each match result box then refer to the result for the team you started with (on left-hand side) as follows:

goals for - 2 1
- goals against
- points earned from result

For each team's match result box there is a corresponding match result box for the opposition team. It will show the scores reversed and the corresponding points for the result for that team.
The remaining columns of the table total and summarise the results for each of the teams listed down the left-hand side of the table. The columns are:

GF: goals for
GA: goals against
GD: goal difference (GF minus GA)
PTS: points, 3 = win, 1 = draw, 0 = loss.
POS: pool position - normally entered after all pool matches are complete.

Rotating your device 90° may prove useful when viewing the table/s on this page on small screen devices.