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Welcome to the QHi Website. We hope you have found this site informative and useful throughout the past years.


Dear Visitor,

I have decided to no longer post State Championship results on this site.

Up until a few years back Hockey Queensland (HQ) did not post progressive results on its Website. This was always the niche that QldHockey.info (QHi) was designed to fill.

However a few years back HQ began to use the Altius system then in use by HA. HQ began by using Altius only for Division 1 of each Tournament - it is relatively expensive for Associations to use. At no cost to the Associations, QHi continued to be well received as we posted the progressive results from all Divisions. And while Altius is used by Technical personnel to record and therefore provide very detailed information about each match, the vast majority of the visitors to QHi (parents, siblings, relatives and supporter) were only looking for basic information such as the final scores in matches and team positions in the progressive points tables.

Now that HQ records and publishes all Divisions of its Tournaments using Altius I believe it is time for QHi to bow out of the HQ State Tournaments. I trust that those who regularly visited QHi have appreciated the effort involved in the creation, updating and maintenance of the QHi Website by yours truly, as well as the collective efforts of the many onsite volunteers who updated the results online throughout Tournaments.

The QHi Website remains a hobby of mine and I expect it will remain online for reference, however I don't expect to add any further HQ Tournaments in 2021 and beyond.

For those visitors that reside in the South Queensland region, I will continue to maintain the SQ Zone Hockey Website - here .

Kind regards,


PS: Find HQ Altius - here !

PPS: HA/HQ are believed to be looking at alternatives to Altius, rising costs being a contributing factor.