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This project is an independent site that was originally created as a "proof of concept". The site is meant to demonstrate that it is possible to create and maintain a simple and straight forward online resource that is easy to find, simple to use and as up to date as is practical. The site has no "bells and whistles" by design. I am happy to share details of how it is done in the hope that it is useful to others.

There are so many people interested in the progress and the results of State Hockey Championships. While some are even at the Championship itself, most visitors are players' families, Club and Association officials at home. This site is meant for all of them! Visitors are also asked to let their friends and family know how to find this site.

Hockey Queensland are enthusiastic about the site and have given permission for the Hockey Queensland logo to be included. Additionally HQ encourage volunteers to be directly responsible for providing updates to the site. All regional Associations are encouraged to include a prominent link to this site on their Website.

The construction of this site has always been a "spare time" project. Originally only photos of Men's Hockey were available to me for the banner. Therefore please understand that it will take some time to get some aspects of the site operational. Please be patient.


In the interests of assisting others with the creation of their own online Hockey resources, some may find the following of interest:

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) - AUHost4u (QHi) and ByteSite (BHA) - both Brisbane based;
  • Content Management System (CMS) used - Website Baker;
  • PDF versions of Draws downloaded from HQ are converted to text and tables using Okular ;
  • The Draw tables are copied to LibreOffice spreadsheets and then uploaded to Google Drive/Sheets ;
  • Selected portions of the Google Sheets spreadsheets are then coded into the pages of QHi;
  • Our volunteers access the Google Sheets directly to update scores, etc;
  • Within five (5) minutes updated scores are available in QHi.

Changing Spreadsheets

Please note that following the closure of EditGrid (1 May 14), QHi has been gradually converting past draws, results and tables to Google Drive/Sheets . Unfortunately the conversion process is not flawless and often requires significant re-formatting afterwards. Also, Google Sheets does not yet match EditGrid for features and stability. While I have started the conversions at 2013, I can only do the conversions as time permits. For example, the 2013 Super League has been converted, more to come!

Free & Open Source

Wherever possible Free and Open Source software is used and recommended. This includes:

  • Operating Systems on the PC's used to code and edit the site - Linux
    (neither MS Windows nor OS X);
  • My desktop of choice is generally KDE ;
  • Wordprocessing, spreadsheets and PDF's using LibreOffice replaces MSOffice at no cost;
  • Document viewer used for viewing and converting PDF's is Okular ;
  • KDE Sreenshot Utility - KSnapshot  

Please check out at least some of the links above or to the right - you may find it enlightening.

Kim Rendell

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