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Previous Years

Beginning in 2007, Kim Rendell has created and maintained a site dedicated to Hockey Queensland's Men's Premier League and State Open Championships, each time that Brisbane Hockey Association has played "host".

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IMPORTANT: Following the closure of EditGrid (1 May 14) I am gradually converting past draws, results and tables to Google Drive. Unfortunately the conversion process is not flawless and often requires significant re-formatting afterwards. While I have now converted 2013, I still have several years to go. I can only do the conversions as time permits.

Unfortunately, the site containing 2010 and earlier had to be scrapped as its age presented a security risk to other sites on the server. If I can find some time I will restore those draws and tables, but don't hold your breath! I won't hold mine!!

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Previous Years

You can no longer visit the previous Site. You can only look at the years featured in the menu at the top of the page. It is important to note that some of the sponsors are no longer associated with HQ, but have been left in the Site for the sake of authenticity - and unless I get told otherwise.
(see the note at the bottom of the page)

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