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Queensland Men’s & Women’s Open State Championship

President's Message

 Hockey Queensland President - Dr Karin Walduck

It gives me much pleasure, as President of Hockey Queensland, to be able to welcome players, officials, volunteers and supporters to Brisbane for the 2012 Open State Championships.

This year the Championships see a number of changes. In previous years they have been co-hosted with Premier League, and run over separate weekends for the men’s and women’s competitions. This year the men’s and women’s Open Championships will be run concurrently over the May long weekend, and utilising the turf fields at both the State Hockey Centre and at Burringbar Park to ensure all games can be played on turf. Premier League will not be held this year, and has been replaced by Super League in June. These are significant changes from previous years, and are trial concepts for 2012.   We think these are exciting new concepts and we will be evaluating them (from player, spectator, umpiring, selecting and officiating perspectives) to determine what the best forward direction is for 2013.

 I wish to thank in advance the many volunteers and the host association, Brisbane Hockey Association, who will help ensure the success of this competition. There is much hard work and effort put into running these competitions and your efforts are appreciated. I also wish to thank, in advance, the umpires and technical officials, as well as the coaches and managers and support personnel of the competing teams, because without you all the competition could not run.

The goal of State Championships is to provide an opportunity for our best players to test themselves against each other at an association level.  The format this year is somewhat different from previous years, but please enjoy the competition and camaraderie.

I would like to wish players from all centres good luck and good hockey and I look forward to a great weekend of competitive hockey.

Good hockey to all.

Dr Karin Walduck
Hockey Queensland Inc.

Queensland Men’s & Women’s Open State Championship

President's Message

 Brisbane Hockey Association President - Greg Swann

On behalf of the Brisbane Hockey Association (BHA), I extend a very warm welcome to everyone involved with the 2012 Queensland Open State Championships at the State Hockey Centre and Brisbane Hockey Management Group at Burringbar Park in Brisbane. The support of Brisbane Women's Hockey Association in the preparation for this tournament is appreciated.  Best wishes for an enjoyable and rewarding championship.
There are many people who help make the Championships a success and I ask that you please reflect on and appreciate the following achievements:
Firstly, congratulations to all Players who have been selected to represent their Centres at these Championships. Your hard work and commitment provide you with the opportunity to test yourselves at a high level of competition. Good luck on the field to play at your best and develop your hockey. Importantly, have fun and enjoy yourselves.
To the parents and families of the players – your support and efforts that often include many long hours spent driving your sons and daughters to and from training and matches is acknowledged.
Coaches, Managers and Support Staff play a key role in each team’s performance and thanks are due for the time and effort that you’ve put into preparing your teams for these Championships
Welcome to the many Officials and Volunteers from Associations throughout Queensland. The time you put into advancing hockey in your area is what helps to make the game available and fun for everyone. Thank you to the Tournament Officials, Umpires and Technical Officials – we trust that your time at the Championships is rewarding and enjoyable.
Finally to the BHA committee and the many volunteers – especially Bruce and Veronica Luck, Paul Connors, Kim Rendell, Norm Ludwig, Paul Saunders and Karyn Argent – thank you for your hard work in the lead-up to these Championships and over the coming days.  Also, thank you to the volunteers from Brisbane Hockey clubs who will operate the BBQ. These championships are also a good opportunity to renew old friendships and acquaintances from across the hockey community.
Hockey Brisbane, a joint venture between Brisbane men's and women's Associations, will be covering two games each day for television.  The games on Saturday and Sunday (games 5, 7, 29 & 36) will be edited and uploaded to YouTube by each evening to be available for viewing across the state. Highlights of these games and the finals will be included in the TV program that goes to air on Channel 74 at 7.30pm on Thursdays. 
I trust that you enjoy your time here in Brisbane and that you can look back on these Championships with many fond memories – both on and off the field.
Kind regards,
Greg Swann
Brisbane Hockey Association Inc

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