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Queensland Men’s & Women’s Super League

President's Message

 Hockey Queensland President - Dr Karin Walduck

It gives me much pleasure, as President of Hockey Queensland and as President of Brisbane Women’s Hockey Association, to be able to welcome players, officials, volunteers and supporters to Brisbane for the 2012 Super League.

Super League is a trial concept for 2012. It is a move away from men and women competing separately at Premier League and Open Championships. It is also a move away from association teams competing against one another in several divisions, to six zonal teams competing in the one division. No doubt there will be some learnings from this change, just as were made after the Open Championships, where the men’s and women’s games were run concurrently over the May long weekend, and utilising the turf fields at both the State Hockey Centre and at Burringbar Park to ensure all games could be played on turf.  These are all significant changes from previous years. We think these are exciting new concepts and we will be evaluating them (from player, spectator, umpiring, selecting and officiating perspectives) to determine what the best forward direction is for 2013.

 I wish to thank in advance the many volunteers and the host association, Brisbane Women’s Hockey Association, who will help ensure the success of this competition. There is much hard work and effort put into running these competitions and your efforts are appreciated. I also wish to thank, in advance, the umpires and technical officials, as well as the coaches and managers and support personnel of the competing teams, because without you all the competition could not run.

The goal of this Super League is to provide an opportunity for our best players to test themselves against each other at a zonal level.  Whilst the format for this year is somewhat different from previous years, I trust the competition will be just as fierce and the camaraderie as great. Please enjoy the weekend.

I would like to wish players from all centres good luck and good hockey and I look forward to a great weekend of competitive hockey.

Dr Karin Walduck
Hockey Queensland Inc.

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