Draw Outline
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Super League Men & Women 2013

SHC Brisbane, 8th – 10th June, 2013

The competing Teams are:

  • All matches are 30 minute halves with 5 minute half-time.
  • Format - Round Robin with Final being 1 vs 2
  • Manager’s Meeting: Friday 8th June 7.00pm HQ Boardroom
  • Umpires’ Meeting: Friday 8th June 6.00pm HQ Boardroom


“The draw on the final day of the tournament may be amended depending on the results of earlier matches to allow the two teams competing in the Final an equal amount of recovery time where possible” as required in the Super League Format document which says:

Draw Arrangements for Day Three of Competition

Where it can be determined by the end of Day Two which two teams will be contesting the final before the final Day Three qualifying matches have been played, the Day Three draw shall be modified to ensure that the teams competing in the final shall have, where possible, an equal opportunity to recover and prepare for the final preferably by playing their Day Three qualifying matches simultaneously on two fields.

Where the teams contesting the final cannot be determined on Day Two the Day Three draw shall be designed to be as far as possible equitable to all teams in contention for finals.

Any changes to the Day Three draw shall be made by the Tournament Director and the changes shall be conveyed to the Team Managers at the earliest possible opportunity.

Some matches will be
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