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Under 11 Boys' Coulter Shield Outline

Notes from the Host Association (BHA)

Hi All !

It's finally happening! We have seventeen (17) teams confirmed to participate in the U11 Boys' Coulter Shield on Sunday 7 August at Downey Park:

  • Division 1 - 4 teams, Round Robin for placing
  • Division 2 – 2 x Pools of 4 teams, Round Robin then a cross over to determine placing
  • Division 3 - 5 teams, Round Robin for placing

The Manager's meeting will be held upstairs at the BWHA Clubhouse at 7.15am and the Umpire's meeting at 7.30am.

The March Past will be held at 10.15am – boys and girls teams are to gather at the end of Field 1 in alphabetical order by Association name, next to Ranald Simmonds Photography. Can you please get your teams organised as quickly as possible, lining up back towards the netball courts. If you have an Association flag or mascot, make sure you bring it along to join in the march!

A reminder that the EKKA will be on at the RNA Showgrounds up on Bowen Bridge Road, Herston. Make sure you allow extra travel time for road closures and traffic around Downey Park if you are driving in from that direction.


BHA Hockey Dev Coord
21 July 2022

Throughout this Under 11 Boys' Coulter Shield Tournament the results will be entered live on this site by "volunteer required".
Thanks volunteer!!

As you can see we are looking for a volunteer to post the results in an online Google spreadsheet. The volunteer needs to be onsite throughout the day, have a device with access to the Internet and an active Gmail account and password. A suitable device would be a small laptop, tablet or mobile phone with at least a 5" or 6" screen. The volunteer would need to seek out the official scores throughout the day and post them online. Interested? Please email Kim on kcrendell@gmail.com for more information.

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