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A Work in Progress

This is a privately owned site dedicated to providing basic details of results and outcomes for the South Queensland Zone tournaments. Each of these tournaments decide which centre (Association) wins the Coulter Shield (boys) and the Southern Cross (Girls) in the respective age group.

It was agreed by the Associations attending the Zone Meeting held 30 October 2016 that Kim Rendell would create a simple site to host basic Zone related content. This site is the result of that decision.

What You Will Find

Within this space it is intended that the visitor will find basic details, results and outcomes of South Queensland Zone tournaments. Included will be draws, points tables and final placings. When hosting a tournament, Host Associations are expected to directly post up-to-date scores to this site throughout. Those with an interest in the tournament and who perhaps cannot be there can then follow the results via the Web. This might include Parents, Association Officials, etc. The site will generally peform well on all platforms, including desktop and mobile.

In addition to this, the information retained on the site can be accessed at a later date when RCDs and Administrators require the information for end of year reporting. In the past this has often proven to be difficult.

Use of Google

This site makes extensive use of Google Drive and Google Sheets to host its data, most of it in tabular form. For most visitors this will not present any issues and it should work seamlessly. However, those who might be accessing the Internet using their employer's or other private network, may find content from Google and other third party providers blocked or restricted, e.g. banks, schools, etc. In such circumstances the visitor will need only to switch to using their own private access to see the Google hosted data appearing correctly within the site. For example using a phone or tablet with its own 3G/4G data allowance to access the Internet and not using their employer's WiFi or network will usually work fine. 

Seeking Assistance!

It is hoped that with the ongoing support and cooperation of the officials and staff of the member Associations that this site will be able to display information and results that is current and up to date. When hosting a tournament, centres are asked to provide a suitable volunteer who can access the Internet and enter the scores and results throughout the day. A suitable volunteer will:

  • be present at the tournament and be willing to actively source scores and results;
  • have a desktop/laptop/notebook PC or a tablet with Internet access (can be done using a phone too);
  • already have or is willing to obtain for themselves, a free Google account, often a gmail account;
  • be willing to use their Google account to access Google Drive and Google Sheets;
  • be comfortable entering scores and results into Sheets, an online spreadsheet application.

If after reading the above you believe you can assist, please contact your Association to volunteer. They will pass on your details.

Thank you,

The Site Admin


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