Classic Games
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Classic Games

Got COVID or maybe Hockey is cancelled 'cos of the weather? Perhaps you can pass some time playing a few ancient PC and Console Games from the 80s and 90s online? You don't even require a fast PC like modern games, and they'll load and run right in your browser.

Don't forget, some games won't respond to your mouse. You may have to use your keyboard - like the arrow keys, shift keys, space-bar and so on. For example pinball games often use the left and right shift keys for the two flipper buttons. The instructions are there for each game though. The following are a few links to some of my now grown up family favourites.

Name & Link Comment   Name & Link Comment
Classic Reload home page Classic Reload has a huge range of Games from most 80s & 90s platforms.   Hugo's House of Horrors  
Eco-Saurus Hugo 2 :Who Done it!
Paperboy 2 Hugo 3: Jungle of Doom
Steg the Slug How Things Work in Busytown
Toyota Celica GT Rally Windows 2.03 I had Windows 2 on my very first PC - aweful!
It got better!


Classic Reload

Classic Reload has a huge range of Games for most 80s & 90s hardware platforms. The games will run on your PC, laptop, etc. Check it out, enjoy and consider donating!

About DOS

For the purposes of this page the term "DOS Games" refers to computer based games that were popularised in the 80s and through the 90s. They were available and played on many different platforms with many different Operation Systems (OS). DOS was generally used to mean Disk Operating System, the "k" in Disk refering to the early use of "diskettes" or "floppy disks".

The various hardware platforms would each have their own "DOS", and sometimes more than one. The Open Hardware platform that was the IBM PC would go on to have a number of DOS' including IBM PC DOS, MS-DOS, DR DOS, to name a few. 

If you are interested then you can find out more about DOS - go  here !

Of course there were many other platforms too!