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The Coulter Shield Inter-city Competition

The Coulter Shield (pictured) was presented by the Brisbane Hockey Association for competition between Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Warwick and Dalby in honour of Mr Eric Coulter, who was the first Secretary of the Brisbane Hockey Association. After five years as Secretary, Mr Coulter became President, a position he held when the Shield was made available for competition in 1938. Mr Coulter then went on to hold the position of Patron of the Association (BHA) and became its first Life Member.

More research is required but it appears that originally the Country Centres played firstly for the Dunbar Pennant. The winning City had then earned the right to challenge Brisbane for the Coulter Shield.
[This fact to be confirmed - anyone?]

Since the Coulter Shield Competition was first inaugurated, Dalby was dropped out and the Border and  Gold Coast Hockey Associations have been included. The Border Association was more recently renamed Tweed Border Hockey Association. In relatively recent times the Sunshine Coast Hockey Association has been invited each year to compete in the Zone. Redlands Hockey Association, formed in 2008, has also joined the Zone competition.

The Coulter Shield (Seniors)

The following table lists the winning Cities to 1976. More outcomes may be added to the list, time permitting.


Powell G Heuer Cup (Colts)

In 1936, an attempt was made to inaugurate a competition for Colts (U21) from centres playing for the Dunbar Pennant. However, the move was not successful.

The proposal was re-introduced in 1938 and a competition for Colts was conducted between teams from Warwick, Toowoomba, Dalby and Ipswich.
Mr Powell G Heuer was Vice President of the Toowoomba Hockey Association and offered to donate a Cup for the new competition which was accepted. He was President of that Association in 1939-40.

Brisbane entered the Powell Heuer Cup Competition in 1947.

The following table lists the winning Cities to 1975. More outcomes may be added to the list, time permitting.

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From the Newspapers

Courier-Mail, Monday 23 August 1937 (page 9)


Defeating Ipswich, 5-3, Toowoomba on Saturday won the Dunbar pennant competition, in which teams from Toowoomba, Ipswich, and Warwick compete. They also gained the right to meet Brisbane in the final for the Coulter Shield. Goals for Toowoomba were scored by Sussmitch, Dunsdon, Murdoch (3); Thompson, Geogh, and McDermott netted for Ipswich. An Ipswich reserve grade team defeated Toowoomba Colts, 4-3.